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4 Mistakes We Pray Game Devs Stop Making in 2016


4 Mistakes We Pray Game Devs Stop Making in 2016

Let’s leave these things in the past, please.

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With 2016 right on the horizon, gaming is on the cusp of yet another leap in greatness. Technology is further advancing, new peripherals will be released into the wild, highly anticipated games are getting primed for their releases, and Nintendo is working on something new. All roads seem to be pointing towards nothing but sheer awesomeness. Of course, all of that could easily be derailed if some of the uglier sides of 2015 reared their ugly heads in the new year.


While 2015 was certainly an amazing year for gaming, there were a few practices that were better left forgotten. If these handful of elements could be left out of 2016, everyone would be much better off as gaming takes experiences to new hights.

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