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A Look Back at the Nintendo 3DS’ Quiet Year


A Look Back at the Nintendo 3DS’ Quiet Year


Few companies succeed where Nintendo has triumphed in the handheld video game market, and the Nintendo 3DS remains a testament to the company’s knack for making an excellent handheld experience. The 3DS is their current generation of handheld hardware with a library of marvelous titles, but 2015 has actually been one of their quietest years. All the excitement and joy was there, but not a lot of it seemed to make a lasting impression on the gaming community.

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It wasn’t a ground-breaking year, but the system still had its moments of grandeur, however silent they may have been. From action to adventure to puzzles to interior decorating, the most hardcore of genres. Let’s see just what happened to the hearty little system this year, in all its timid greatness…

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