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Are These 20 Game Characters Star Wars Jedi or Sith?


Are These 20 Game Characters Star Wars Jedi or Sith?

May the Force be with you, indeed.

Star Wars hype has reached a fever pitch (with extremely good reason), and with it comes all sorts of crazy promotional opportunities. Case in point, last week Facebook released a special overlay that would allow you to wield either Finn’s blue lightsaber or Kylo Ren’s tri-pronged red one on your profile picture. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens now playing in cinemas around the world, we wanted to take a look at which video game characters would take up with Finn, and who belongs to the Dark Side.

The Jedi


sora kingdom hearts fb star wars lightsaber

Light vs. Darkness is a battle Sora is only too familiar with, and at this point it’s a no-brainer that he would be a Jedi in training, especially following his fight against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II, where he got a first-hand look at the power of a Sith. Now with a lightsaber of his own, he uses the powerful Ars Arcanum move he learned with the Keyblade to fell his foes.


pikachu star wars fb lightsaber pokemon

He can be a bit chaotic from time to time, but make no mistake; Pikachu is on the side of good. A good jolt of lightning paired with the threat of a lightsaber (and yes, of course he can wield it; haven’t you played Super Smash Bros.?) makes for a powerful one-two punch for justice.

Ezio Auditore

Assassin's creed star wars ezio lightsaber

With more charm and swagger than Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ezio can talk his way out of the stickiest of situations. When negotiations break down, however, he knows how to get around silently and take out the Dark Side forces with a single well-placed slash of his lightsaber.

Aerith Gainsborough

aerith final fantasy vii ffvii fb star wars lightsaber

The sweet, innocent flower girl who met an untimely demise. Perhaps if she had received proper Jedi training, Aerith would have been able to counter Sephiroth’s attack and turn the tables on him. Who’s to say?

Mega Man

mega man fb star wars lightsaber

His casing is blue, his morals are just, and he strives toward the greater good. Yeah, Mega Man is a Jedi through and through.

Shovel Knight

shovel knight fb star wars lightsaber

You love Shovel Knight, right? Of course you do. Now imagine playing the game through again, but his shovel is replaced with a lightsaber. Yeah, Jedi Knight is a game we would all play.

Princess Zelda

legend of zelda fb star wars lightsaber

Zelda already knows her way around swords and sabres. In the next fight against the darkness, this is one princess that won’t need saving.


mario fb star wars lightsaber

Tennis player. Baseball superstar. Basketball champion. Go-kart legend. Saver of princesses and plumber extraordinaire. Mario has always been a good guy of every trade. It was only a matter of time before he added Jedi to his repertoire.
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