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Final Fantasy XV Controller Confirmed to be Fake

Final Fantasy XV
Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV Controller Confirmed to be Fake

It was all a Fantasy.

Several days ago, Play Asia had a listing for a special edition Final Fantasy XV-themed Xbox One controller. The controller, which was available for preorder at the time, featured silver thumbsticks and triggers along with two Final Fantasy logos located on the front.

Unfortunately, according to Final Fantasy XV’s official twitter page, the product is not real.

A subsequent tweet clarified the origin of the design. “The controller design was originally circulated by Microsoft Singapore & we’re glad they think it’s cool & are excited for the game.” The product page on Play Asia has since been removed along with any evidence of the hardware on Xbox Singapore’s Facebook page where the image first originated.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to launch in 2016 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is currently playable from start to finish. Currently, a second demo for the title — or possibly an update to the current demo — is being worked on by Square Enix that players will be able to try prior to the full title’s release.

While no actual bundles or special edition hardware has been announced, maybe the buzz that this fabricated image generated will inspire an actual FFXV-themed controller.

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