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7 of the World’s Hardest Games Ever


7 of the World’s Hardest Games Ever

Whether you meet your fate at the end of a blade or a pit, these games will test your patience like no others.

Contra (NES)


“F” is right…

For many, Contra was the first run and gun shooter they played. In this NES classic you played one of two near-shirtless dudes with guns who ran across screens blasting suckas with all they’ve got. There was nothing forgiving about this legendary shooter. Projectiles littered the screen at all times, often in erratic patterns with few pauses or windows left available for you to make your break for safety. At first, this just sounds tricky to maneuver but manageable, but when you learn that it only takes one hit to kill you, things go from tricky to sadistic.

Come to think of it, maybe our scantly clad heroes would have fared better if they actually put on some gear appropriate for their adventure. But then again there are those who can beat the entirety of the game without using the infamous Konami code or the help of a second player. Just be sure not to let your greed kill you while chasing those weapon upgrades as they tempestuously wave across the screen, enticing players to forgo all common sense in the hopes that they can get that sweet “S” to dish out some shirtless justice. But hey, at least the music you suffered along to was wicked.

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