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5 Classic Games That Need to Come to the Wii U’s eShop


5 Classic Games That Need to Come to the Wii U’s eShop

Classic Nintendo games begging to be released onto the Wii U eShop.

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Mother 3


The impending release of Super Mario Galaxy has Nintendo fans rubbing their hands in anticipation. However, this small victory is but a blip on the radar of restoring classic titles for Nintendo’s latest home console. The release of Super Mario Galaxy is appreciated, but there are plenty of other games that Nintendo could bring along as well.

Mother 3 is easily the most oft-requested title in Nintendo’s library. This GameBoy Advance follow-up to the SNES masterpiece Earthbound, has yet to ever leave the shores of Japan. Super fan and translator, Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin took it upon himself to create an English ROM hack of the game for use with emulators to satiate the thirst of Mother fans all over the world. Hell, he even offered Nintendo his English script free of charge. Nintendo ultimately refused, and continued about its business. But all hope is not lost!

Earthbound had long been condemned to remain alive solely through high-priced eBay auctions, but then Nintendo did the unthinkable. They re-released Earthbound for the Wii U eShop! Riding that momentum, Nintendo would eventually drop another bomb: A remastered version of the NES Mother was released for the Wii U eShop under a new name: Earthbound Zero.

The recent release of Mother 3 on the Japanese Wii U eShop once again has fans talking. Will Nintendo finally release Mother 3 globally?

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