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Fallout 4 Throws in a Unique Feature for Impatient Players

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Fallout 4 Throws in a Unique Feature for Impatient Players

Uh huh.

Fallout 4 is an RPG with dialogue options galore. As such, you’re able to dictate your character’s personality by deciding how to respond in conversations throughout the game. For the more impatient player, this becomes sort of hellish if you read faster than a third grader and can’t be bothered to listen to dialogue when you’ve already skimmed the subtitles. So you’ll find yourself mashing buttons to skip lines until you have a choice of what you want to say.

Fallout 4, in its infinite coolness, understands this burning impatience and makes it a character trait. When you skip faster through dialogue in other games, usually the character you’re talking to will just skip or the cutscene will abruptly end. In Fallout 4, your character actually interrupts and gives curt answers to imply she or he wants the conversation to move faster. Sometimes it’s a rushed “mhm” or an irritated “uh huh” or even a sarcastic “okay.”

Basically, your Fallout 4 character is exactly your impatient butt, trying to get the conversation moving so you both can get back into the action. Like as though to say, “Alright, stop talking. Let’s get back to me.” Bless this game and all its neat little mechanics.

If you’re looking for even more fun little features in Fallout 4, check out the in-game Vault Tec phone number you can actually call, or Dogmeat playing with a teddy bear.

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