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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – The Drakenborg Redemption Quest Guide


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – The Drakenborg Redemption Quest Guide

Morgan Freeman would be proud.

While traveling near Novigrad during Hearts of Stone, Geralt will be tasked with grabbing a large chunk of Jade for the Runewright. One of the locations Geralt will find himself entering is a well-guarded cave. However, there is more than just your quest objective to be found inside.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone guide

As you walk into the cave in question during the Enchanting: Quality Has its Price quest, you will find the body of a man on your right hand side just a few steps in. Loot the body and you’ll find a yellowed letter and a rusty old key. Don’t let the level 38 suggested level scare you off, as long as you follow our combat suggestions, you can slice these guys down at about level 34.

By grabbing these two items, The Drakenborg Redemption quest is activated and through reading the yellowed letter, Geralt will discover that there is some treasure to be found in the depths of this cave. There isn’t much to cause you any troubles on your voyage, bar a few arachnomorphs.

These guys aren’t the toughest enemies and while they can be quite overwhelming if they surround you, evading and rolling away from them once Geralt has landed a couple strikes will keep you out of harm’s way. Arachnomorphs are particularly weak against Aard and Axii, too, so if you’re finding them a bit tricky to cut down, intersperse the strikes of your sword with a couple blasts of one of these spells.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone guide

Follow the only path that the cave has and prepare to take on one or two more arachnomorphs. Rinse and repeat the same technique that we mentioned before and you’ll have these creepy crawlies taken down in no time. In the middle of this back passage, so to speak, you’ll find a small locked chest. Unlock it with the rusty key you picked up before and take all of the loot. The chest contains about 400 Orens or so which can be converted for over 1,000 crowns at the Vivaldi bank in Novigrad.

While this may one of the more simple side quests in Hearts of Stone, The Drakenborg Redemption can grant you a hefty financial aid for very little bother. It’s conveniently located near one of your other quest locations. What are you waiting for?

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