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Retailer Website May Have Leaked the Bioshock Collection


Retailer Website May Have Leaked the Bioshock Collection

Yet another remake may be coming to the PS4 and the Xbox One

It looks like the PS4 and the Xbox One may be getting yet another collection soon, as the Bioshock Collection appeared on a South African retailers website.

The retailer in question was Raru and according to them the Bioshock Collection will be released on Nov 27 for the Xbox One and the PS4 with no news on if it will be coming to the PC. 2K Games has yet to announce if they are going to be releasing the Bioshock Collection.


Raru put the list for the Bioshock Collection up over the weekend and while they did eventually take it down, you can still check out the page itself on the Google Cache.

Way back in March 2013, we reviewed Bioshock Infinite and gave it 5/5. We loved the games music, voice acting, and its story, but we didn’t like the lack of a map system and combat could be frantically cluttered.

So what do you think of the news that 2K Games could be working on the Bioshock Collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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