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Stealth Game Republique Sneaks onto PlayStation 4 Next Year


Stealth Game Republique Sneaks onto PlayStation 4 Next Year

This stealth game will not get a stealth release.

Stealth game Republique was one of the first major Kickstarter successes, raising over $500,000 in 2012. Camoflaj and GungHo are bringing Republique to PlayStation 4 in 2016 so console gamers can brush up on their locker and vent hiding skills.

Republique started on iOS with controls where you don’t move the character directly. However, GungHo has confirmed a control overhaul in a press release. The PlayStation 4 port will offer “full control” of Hope, differing this port from the iOS and PC versions.

Republique is an episodic game and only three of the five episodes are completed currently. When the game releases in 2016, it will be sold as a bundle on PlayStation 4 with all five episodes. No release date has been announced for Republique’s final two episodes.

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