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Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Campaign for Disarmament


Batman: Arkham Knight Most Wanted Guide – How to Beat Campaign for Disarmament

Be a bomb disposal expert with this guide!

At some point while you play through Arkham Knight‘s main story mission City of Fear, you will come across some fairly nasty looking bombs that have been planted across the streets of Gotham by the Arkham Knight himself. Unlike the glowing red lights of the militia’s watchtowers or their blatantly set up check points that dot the city, these pesky bombs are harder to track down. Actually finding and defusing them all may prove to be a pain for any of you caped crusaders out there.

Fortunately, we have you covered. There are fourteen bombs in total spread across Bleake, Miagani, and Founder’s Island and you can locate them via the coordinates as follows:

Bleake Island:
1. 2108, 2923

2. 1793, 2417

3. 1916, 2675

4. 2362, 2907

Miagani Island

1. 3272, 2303

2. 3002, 2302

3. 2902, 2733

4. 3052, 2922

5. 3161, 2732

Founders’ Island

1. 2141, 1912

2. 2049, 1566

3. 2268, 1536

4. 2744, 1741

5. 2940, 1453

Once you’ve located a bomb, it’s a fairly simple process to detonate it. Switch to the batmobile’s tank mode and attach a line to the bomb. From there, you upload a virus designed to leave the bomb exposed for a controlled explosion. Before you can get to that point, though, you’ll have to defend yourself against a swath of drone tanks that will be alerted to your presence as soon as you begin the virus upload.

Not all bombs are created equal, as only a few of them are accessible from the start. The presence of the bombs are tied directly to the progress you’ve made in City of Fear, with the last handful of bombs unavailable until you’ve reached at least 90% completion in the main story.

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