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A Dead Island Definitive Edition May Be in the Works


A Dead Island Definitive Edition May Be in the Works

Could Dead Island 1 be coming to current gen consoles?

Hope you’re not fed up of remakes yet because if a listing on a retailer’s website is to be believed, a remastered version of the original Dead Island may be in the works.

The Dead Island remake was found on the South African site where its product page named the game the Dead Island Definitive Edition. The site claims that it will be released for the PC, although Gamespot also claims that it will be released for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

It should be noted that on the site they do say that “We have no sources for this product at present,” and Koch Media refused to comment when asked about the Dead Island Definitive Edition by Gamespot. Unfortunately, the listing on doesn’t reveal anything about the remake itself such as if it will include the Dead Island spin-off game Riptide.


When Dead Island was first released, it was met with mixed criticism due to glitches and bugs, but was generally praised for its atmosphere. The game later received a spin-off called Dead Island: Riptide and was due to receive a sequel called Dead Island 2 in 2016, but the developers of that project are no longer working on it. The original developers of the series, Techland, went on to develop Dying Light.

So what’s your opinion on the idea of Dead Island getting a remake? Let us know in the comments below.

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