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Super Mario World Beaten in 23 Minutes… Guy Is Blindfolded


Super Mario World Beaten in 23 Minutes… Guy Is Blindfolded

How do you even do this?

Twitch user PangaeaPanga has completed the 1990 classic Super Mario World in 23 minutes. Oh and did we mention he was blindfolded while doing so?

The video of the speed run which can be found below, shows the blindfolded run of the game in just over 23 minutes. PangaeaPanga’s attempt included only three deaths and one brief period during which he got a little bit lost. This is still some incredible skills though.

So how exactly is PangaeaPanga that good? He describes himself as primarily a Super Mario World hacker and tool-assisted speedrunner. There’s something about watching this guy waiting the precise amount of time underneath an unknowing Koopa Troopa to ensure he can pick up the shell and give himself an extra barrier. A speedrun of this kind of time would be impressive without the blindfold, but well…how do you do this?! Props to you Pangaea, you’ve just shown up the rest of the world’s Super Mario World skills.

It’s more than likely too that Pangaea could have finished this Super Mario World speed run much faster had he muted the Twitch notification noises and wasn’t occasionally taking the time out to commentate his speedrun. It’s an impressive time nonetheless which he claims on his Twitch channel to be a world record. Any challengers?

Check out the full YouTube video description below:

Started learning blindfolded strategies on June 16. Started full runs on June 20. Finished a full run today. This run features 3 deaths (but no game overs, thankfully), getting lost briefly in Starworld, baby Yoshi eating the goal tape, and entertaining spectators to keep the hype up for when I was too concentrated on the run. Also, there is an input display at the bottom left side of the video, so you can see exactly what buttons I’m pressing.

If this was his first attempt at a full run of Super Mario World will we be seeing more? We can only hope, but again congratulations must go out to PangaeaPanga for this incredible feat. What’s your best speed run? Let us know in the comments below.


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