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EA Is "Extremely Pleased" with EA Access on the Xbox One


EA Is "Extremely Pleased" with EA Access on the Xbox One

Will you be getting a subscription?

EA recently announced its plan to launch a subscription service called EA Access. The service will work in a similar fashion to Netflix and will allow players to play a large library of EA published games in return for a subscription fee.

At the recent quarterly Electronic Arts financial conference call, the studio discussed the performance of the EA Access subscription service on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

It appears that the service exceeded expectations and EA expects that the service will only continue to perform well throughout 2016 as more titles are added to the service.

It has been reported that Electronic Arts is “extremely pleased” with the service despite the fact promotion hasn’t even started yet. Serious promotion is expected to begin this summer in partnership with Microsoft.

There are now twelve titles currently available for the service and EA feels now is the right time to begin promoting the service and the value found in the games.

The service may not yet be a large part of EA’s financials, but the subscription rate is only growing and EA has stated that it will consider revealing the numbers and statistics of the service once it has had time to grow.

EA has been “very interested” in EA Access and have been reportedly “learning a great deal” about player’s interest in subscription models.

[Source: DualShockers]

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