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GTA V Guide: How to Find Every Stunt Jump


GTA V Guide: How to Find Every Stunt Jump

Catching all of the stunt jumps in GTA V isn’t just some pastime that we indulge in from time to time. At least 25 of the 50 on offer have to be completed before you can achieve 100% completion of the full game. They can also be used in GTA V‘s online portion as a means to quickly boost your character’s driving level. Do be prepared to suffer a handful of deaths or even lose some nifty cars while completing the stunt jumps of GTA V as they’re not all easy and can take a great deal of practice to complete properly.

It’s highly recommended that you use Franklin to complete these stunt jumps as his ability to slow down time while driving allows you to modify your trajectory at the last second without losing speed. Michael and Trevor can gain driving skill points from completing these but they’ll likely just make them even more difficult. So without further ado, all 50 stunt jumps in GTA V.

Raton Pass Stunt Jump

  • Jump from: Rock ramp
  • Jump to: Dirt road across ravine
  • Vehicle Suggestion: Sports car or motorcycle

This jump can be easily spotted when travel west on Raton Pass. It sits just off of a sharp left curve. It isn’t even necessary to land on the road ahead necessarily, just land in the open area and you’ll complete the stunt jump.

North Calafia Way Stunt Jump

  • Jump from: Smooth rock ramp south of North Calafia Way
  • Jump to: Road beyond the curve on your right
  • Vehicle Suggestion: Anything that isn’t a truck really

This jump is incredibly easy to spot but not always a an easy one to complete thanks to the dirt road. There’s plenty of space for a run up and it can actually be completed by landing just short of the goal rather than on it. Chances are you’ve already completed this one during one of Trevor’s first missions.

Paleto Bay Stunt Jump

  • Jump from: Procopio Promenade broken bridge
  • Jump to: North side of aforementioned bridge
  • Vehicle Suggestion: Whatever you can drive really, even a bicycle

You’ll want to ride your bicycle over this ramp, and you probably can without singing Queen’s much-loved song doing it. Follow the road leading up this ramp for as long as possible but be wary of the obstacles to either side of the entrance.

Paleto Construction Stunt Jump

  • Jump from: Paleto Bay construction site dirt mound
  • Jump to: Nearby alleyway
  • Vehicle suggestion: Something average, not crazy fast

This jump is nothing more than a big pile of dirt that leads onto an alleyway. Try to hit it on the left side as to avoid that telephone pole looming in the distance. The short wall can cause problems though, hence why it is best to attempt this jump in a vehicle that isn’t insanely quick.

El Gordo Lighthouse Stunt Jump

  • Jump from: Shoreline cliff rock
  • Jump to: El Gordo Lighthouse Island
  • Vehicle Suggestion: Average vehicle

This one takes the biscuit as one of GTA V‘s most irritating jumps.Leaping from it in something expensive isn’t advised as you’re likely to fall into the drink more than a few times. Any standard car can do it and will actually serve you better as to avoid overshooting the mark. Try to stick to the left with your mirror just covering the lighthouse. This jump is the epitome of trial & error, but keep at it and you’ll get there.

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