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This Bloodborne Build Simulator Helps to Plan Your Character


This Bloodborne Build Simulator Helps to Plan Your Character

Preparing your hunter has never been easier.

Building your Bloodborne character is about to get a whole lot easier as a skill calculator comes to light which’ll help you to plan your character’s progression.

The skill calculator, which can be found on Alloyape lets you put in the levels of attributes you desire and feeds back a wealth of information to help your Bloodborne character’s progression be as smooth as possible. It’s incredibly simple too. Just enter your character’s current stats in the before column, then adjust the after column to what you’re aiming for.

This not only shows you how many Blood Echoes will be necessary for reaching the attributes you want, but also where your defenses, stamina, and health pool will end up after the upgrades. It can also sort of show you a gateway into the future of how your weapons will scale, although this is still somewhat bugged.

It is a boon to those who are trying to work out how much more work they’ll need to put in to get their stamina up to a certain point or the amount of effort required to find higher resistances in your possession. Those who are fans of min/max gameplay, the art of ensuring that your character is a purely focuses on one attribute as possible, will find this to be of serious benefit when creating their dream character in Bloodborne.

As stated before and on the site itself, some of the aspects of this Bloodborne build simulator are not quite accurate yet. It is experimental and will require a great deal of tweaking to make it as on point as possible. That being said though, it’s still pretty useful for those of us still battling through the districts of Yharnam.

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