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12 Unconventional Ways To Play Bloodborne and the Souls Games


12 Unconventional Ways To Play Bloodborne and the Souls Games

Welcome back, good hunter.

Bashing in the Faces of Dark Souls I & Dark Souls II Bosses With Anything but a Normal Controller or Keyboard

guitar souls

The soul of a gamer is one of tenacity. Despite the incredible difficulty of the Souls games, this has only motivated players further to sink in numerous hours of play, testing, and research to attain victory and to overcome the odds. But in the spirit of Alexander the Great, once you’ve achieved mastery over the Souls games consistently, you weep for there is no more worlds to conquer. You have plateaued. What do you do now?

The answer is simple: you find new ways and avenues to make the games, and its world, more challenging and fresh. For livestreamer and Youtuber Bearzly (or gbbearzly), he decided to push the boundaries in truly mind-bending directions. He is a self-described fan of Dark Souls I and Dark Souls II who has made it his mission to play through challenge runs with the “dumbest control methods” he can imagine. Eschewing the normal controller and/or keyboard, Bearzly came into popularity and notoriety by posting and streaming a series of videos where he was playing Dark Souls I & II on the Xbox 360 with a Rock Band guitar controller, and proceeding to obliterate boss after boss with it. In the video, he provides a graphic which describes how he configured the guitar controller.

blood guitar

This feat is impressive all by itself, but Bearzly was not satisfied with just that. Subsequently, he provided additional videos and streams of him trouncing bosses with the Rock Band drum controller. He also provided the controller setup for this feat as well.

Bearzly has shown no sign of stopping. In fact, he’s continuing to create, post, and stream new challenges as we speak. On March 17, 2015, he repeated past exploits of boss killing with the freaking bongo drum controllers from Donkey Konga! He is also creating a Twitch stream of Dark Souls I boss fights utilizing the Wiimote and its buddy the Nunchuck – the first of which was posted on March 22, 2015. Truly, this is a gaming god among us mere mortals.

This is definitely one Twitch livestreamer all Souls games fan must follow. Particularly interesting is the future challenge goals he has listed for himself on Twitch. These include playing and beating Dark Souls I and Dark Souls II simultaneously, a playthrough using DDR pads, and based on a Reddit post – a controller made from an actual banana, which is totally possible and feasible thanks to the folks at Makey Makey.

What other possible controller types or configurations could Bearzly use? I’m placing my bets on the PowerGlove.

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