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Destiny Player Creates Lego Version of Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher


Destiny Player Creates Lego Version of Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher

More than perhaps anything else, Bungie’s Destiny is known for its loot system. Or rather, its loot system driving everyone up the wall with how random and unfair it is. A rocket launcher by the name of Gjallarhorn (pronunciation: gya-ller-horn) is the one of the most coveted weapons in the game. One player took it upon himself to get a Gjallarhorn of his own and make Xur feel like a loser.

Lego creator Zazinombies has made things from Lego before, like the Icebreaker weapon from Destiny and Borderlands’ lovably detestable Claptrap. This has to be his most impressive build thus far. With 3,500 bricks at his disposal, he managed to make this lovely gun, all 46 inches and 15 pounds of it. It sadly isn’t up for sale, but you can watch him build it in the video above. And if that interests you any further, you can check out his YouTube for more of his stuff, which ranges from Destiny to Mario to even Elder Scrolls. Guy’s pretty talented.

Hmm, a Lego version of a weapon from Destiny? Maybe at some point Lego and Destiny should crossover some more…

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