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Stage Adaptation Of Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone In The Works


Stage Adaptation Of Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone In The Works

Yes, you read that headline correctly. What was once the land of Shakespeare is now the land of rectangles. Earlier today, Mike Bithell, the creator of independent platformer and critical darling Thomas Was Alone and the upcoming re-telling of the Robin Hood legend Volume, announced on Twitter that an adaptation of Thomas was in the works in basically the last way that you could ever possibly expect an adaptation of Thomas Was Alone; for the stage.

Being handled by the small Uh Theatre Company out of Austin, Texas in the United States, led by Kenny Chilton, the stage adaptation of Thomas has little to absolutely no other information released about it at this time. More information is coming soon and can be found at Kenny Chilton’s Twitter account here and/or the official Uh Theatre Company Facebook page here.

Listen, I know adaptations of video games have had less than stellar track records in the past, but this seems to be an incredibly novel and interesting way of adapting such a title, and is going ahead with the full approval of Mike Bithell, and he’s a smart fellow. I can’t imagine he’d be willing to bungle his game on an adaptation if he didn’t think it was worth it, even if it is on such a small scale as this.

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