The Opening for Attack on Titan Season 2 Features Bigger Titans and Dinosaurs

attack on titan

The Titans are bigger and scarier than ever.

The long-awaited second season of Attack on Titan has finally premiered this weekend. Set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by colossal walls; the cause of that being that there are human-eating Titans that lurk around every corner of the world. The new opening for Attack on Titan brings with it a brand new theme song by Linked Horizon, the same japanese musical group who did the other two theme songs for the first season. You can check out the new opening for season two right here:

Wondering where you can watch Attack on Titan season 2? The first episode has already aired so you can watch the premiere on these streaming services: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime Lab, and Hulu. The first season came out four years ago, so If you need to refresh your memory, that first season can also be watched on Netlflix.

What do you think about the new opening theme song? Do you think it’s better than the original? Let us know all of your thoughts on the second season of Attack on Titan!


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