King’s Knight Is a New Mobile Game Joining the Final Fantasy XV Universe

Final Fantasy XV

Yet another piece of the Final Fantasy XV Universe.

Square Enix held a new Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show today, focused once again on Final Fantasy XV. One big surprise out of the presentation, was the announcement of a brand new mobile game joining the Final Fantasy XV Universe, called King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon. The title will release on both iOS and Android, and be free to play with in-app purchases.

Strangely, King’s Knight is actually a “smash hit” role-playing game in the world of Final Fantasy XV, that just recently became available as a smartphone game. Again, in the “world” of Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix released a trailer for the new mobile title, that even shows the party of FF XV crowded around a table playing the game on their smartphones. Yeah, that’s just a little bit meta. The fun part is that King’s Knight was also a scrolling shooter game in our world, released by Square for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. You can take a look at the announcement trailer down below.

King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon doesn’t have a release date yet, but the title will be launching sometime in 2016. You can take a look at the official website for the game here. Square Enix also released a lengthy new trailer for Final Fantasy XV that you can take a look at. 

What do you think about the Final Fantasy XV Universe getting another addition? Are you excited to have something new to play, or do you think Square is overdoing things a bit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.




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