Tears of the Kingdom Giant Mech Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via Soul Banana YouTube Channel

10 Best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Vehicles & Creations That Demand Your Admiration

The Hylian-ticipated builds of Tears of the Kingdom.

The attachment abilities of the Ultrahand have basically given players the creative freedom to make whatever they want, ushering in a new era of the Legend of Zelda series. While some builds establish more accessible modes of transportation, others are a bit on the wild side with their explosive materials. So, to commemorate these epic designs, we’ll show you the best Tears of the Kingdom vehicles and creations.

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Giant Mech

Tears of the Kingdom Giant Mech Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via Soul Banana YouTube Channel

Soul Banana has set the bar for Tears of the Kingdom builds, especially with their first model of a Gundam-inspired prototype. Using Ascend, the player can reach the head of this mech beast to control it, allowing them to move the direction of the wheels. On top of that, the robotic suit will instantly obliterate enemies through the Beam Emitter while simultaneously protecting Link from projectiles with the cover of a cart.

The creation continues to be perfected, with Soul Banana’s most recent version of the Prototype 2 Gundam. The user has also taken their builds to the skies with a Macross Frontier-inspired flying device that can reach the majestic dragons of Hyrule.

Multi-Stage Rocket

Tears of the Kingdom Multi-Stage Rocket Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via bishlo

The step rocket program may need to make some room for more recruits, as Legend of Zelda players construct intricate boosters in Tears of the Kingdom. One, in particular, is the multi-stage rocket creation by Reddit user bishlo using various interlocking pieces. The first phase initiates the takeoff until it gradually comes apart the higher it gets, almost identical to the real-life version of launch vehicles.

The last stage features a unique Fuse combination of a shield and rocket, which many fans have used as a replacement for Revali’s Gale of Breath of the Wild. As a result, Link can reach unprecedented heights, making it easier to get around the vast terrain.

The Korok Kannon

Tears of the Kingdom The Korok Kannon Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via Yer_Dunn

The Korok abuse phenomenon has caused quite a stir in the Tears of the Kingdom community, where many players have used malicious methods to hurt the adorable creatures. Alongside this torturous anomaly is Yer_Dunn’s Korok Kannon, leading the forest inhabitant to take off into the sky as if they were Team Rocket blasting off.

Although I can’t promise that the device won’t harm any Koroks, it does make the traveling process more manageable, rather than trudging along with the creature using Ultrahand. At the very least, it doesn’t harm them as much as the medieval torture build.

Flying War Machine

Tears of the Kingdom Flying War Machine Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via SkysOutThighsOut

If you had told me that the Legend of Zelda had helicopters before the Tears of the Kingdom release, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Yet, somehow Reddit user SkysOutThighsOut was able to pull it off with the handy wind mechanics of the Zonai fans. Not only can you control the helicopter with a Steering Stick, but you can also unleash powerful bombs using the cannon.

With this build, the player has become an unstoppable force against Bokoblin bases, ridding the lands of their destruction.

Star Wars Themed Wheel Bike

Tears of the Kingdom Star Wars Themed Wheel Bike Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via Liz_Caingcoy

General Grievous would be pleased to see Twitter user Liz_Caingcoy’s vehicle with his famous wheel bike. The only difference is the fact that this creation utilizes a ton of wooden platforms together to produce a circular layout connected by a smaller wheel at the center. Compared to other builds, it doesn’t require much energy consumption, despite its fast movement.

You’ll still need to watch out for nearby enemies while traveling, given that Liz_Caingcoy almost came close to death with it after she encountered the petrifying Hinox.

Trojan Horse

Tears of the Kingdom Trojan Horse Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via RobFletch1393

Twitter user RobFletch1393 has by far one of the sneakiest transportation devices of Tears of the Kingdom, as he constructs the legendary Trojan Horse from Greek mythology. Unlike the other builds on this list, the creation strictly uses wooden materials, using the downward slate of hill to infiltrate an enemy base as if he were in the Trojan War.

The player also utilized the same clever tactics as the Greeks by hiding inside the wooden creature through Ascend to blindside Ganondorf during the ongoing battle.

An Explosive Tank

Tears of the Kingdom Explosive Tank Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via idonum

Many Tears of the Kingdom builds have primarily followed a militia theme with mechs, cannons, and helicopters. So, it’s no surprise to see this formidable tank design by Twitter user idonum, featuring detonative guns that blow the competition out of Hyrule.

You’ll get a glimpse of its ruinous force as the player takes down a Bokoblin base with a few bombs. Even more so, the protective exterior shields Link from enemy attacks, similar to the performance of an actual tank.

Battle Train

Tears of the Kingdom Battle Train Creation
Image Source: Nintendo via itsthecraptain

Reddit’s Hyrule Engineering Club exhibits a plethora of extraordinary builds, including this battle train by itsthecraptain. The mechanic device is excellent for item transportation through its storage compartments, along with its rapid speed from the Zonai fans. The Hydrant at the front of the creation also adds to the train theme, mimicking a steam-like effect.

If any enemies are on track, the Goron companion, Yunobo, can unleash a devasting charge while on the device, keeping Link safe from harm.

Accessible Bike Build

Tears of the Kingdom Accessible Bike Build Vehicle
Image Source: Nintendo via AlfredoTheImpasta

Sometimes, simple is best, especially in the case of Reddit user AlfredoTheImpasta’s bike build, which only requires a few materials. Considering its compact size, the vehicle can swiftly move around the lands of Hyrule without much energy consumption.

So, if you are looking for another mode of transportation, you can attempt to make a motorcycle of your own, primarily since it is a superb beginner vehicle.


Tears of the Kingdom Powerboat creation
Image Source: Nintendo via bongoherman

Now that we’ve got all the land vehicles of Tears of the Kingdom, all that’s missing is a boat for the massive layout of the oceans and lakes. Fortunately, Reddit user bongoherman has that covered with their powerboat model, positioning a fan directly in front of the mainsail to boost the acceleration of the water-based design.

Therefore, instead of Link drowning in the water with the loss of stamina, players can get around much quicker and not worry about conserving their energy.

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