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Zelda Hyrule Engineering Club Becomes the Main Hub for the Brilliant Tears of the Kingdom Builders

Welcome to Hyrule's exclusive club!

Vehicle in Tears of the Kingdom Image Source: Nintendo

The shared creations within the Tears of the Kingdom community have led to the formation of the Reddit Hyrule Engineering Club, where creative geniuses can exhibit their unique designs.

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When players are satisfied with their intricate builds, they can show them off to the world on the post board, allowing others to ask questions about their process. One of the first noticeable models from the club is Froggodile’s transportation truck, a vehicle that makes it easier to transfer your building materials.

You can expect a few trial-and-error designs like SchmittFace’s wonky bipedal walker that fell apart in less than a minute. But, of course, it wouldn’t be an engineering club without the experimentation side of it, as fans test out the Zonai items found across Hyrule.

Those who explore the Hyrule Engineering Club will discover a lounge section where they can chat with others about resources and find helpful tips for Ultrahand creations. You can also select various filter tags to add more personality to your posts, such as the ‘Well-engineered death trap,’ ‘Need a crash test dummy,’ and ‘Caused more deaths than Dark Souls.’

Keep in mind that the Reddit club is strictly for Tears of the Kingdom, and any other builds from other Legend of Zelda installments are not permitted.

Aside from the standard vehicles, you can uncover more clever ways to torture the Koroks. Or, players can get rid of them entirely with the convenient Korok Control, which is just a simple call away.

The Hyrule Engineering Club continues to rise in popularity as more players submit their magnificent creations. It could even expand the real-life community of inventors with a flair of the classic Legend of Zelda-inspired designs.

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