How to Get Free Ships in Starfield

How to Get Free Ships in Starfield

Save those credits for a rainy day instead.

With space travel being such a core part of the experience in Starfield, it is understandable that players will want to have the best when it comes to their choice of ship. However, not everything you desire has to come at a steep price, and instead of spending credits on a new vessel, why not consider the many free ships that can be obtained throughout the game? Here’s how to get free ships in Starfield and make the most of your efforts in space.

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Obtaining Free Ships in Starfield

Whether you are just starting out in Starfield or already a seasoned explorer, getting something good for free is always going to feel good. The following ways will undoubtedly add more options to your spacefaring adventures.

Starfield Free Ships Frontier
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

The Frontier

While it is unmissable due to the part it plays in the story, the Frontier is the first free ship that players will obtain in Starfield. After the conversations with Barrett and learning new information about the Constellation and the larger universe that awaits, it is time to leave Vectera and step on board the Frontier for pastures new.

Capturing Enemy Ships

Another great way to obtain new ships is to take them from the cold, dead hands of any enemies that choose to cross you. Vessels from hostile factions, like the Crimson Fleet, The First, and many more can always be boarded and then captured. The same goes for neutral factions or other civilian spacecraft that just so happen to be in sight.

Capturing can also be done when players are exploring planets and an enemy ship drops in. Look out for the distinct noise of ship engines and locate the landed ship, now eliminate all resistance and the ship will be yours for the taking.

Quest Rewards (Razorleaf, Star Eagle etc.)

Starfield Free Ships Razorleaf
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

Perhaps the best way to save on those credits and grab a much better ship is to engage in the quests of Starfield. Several missions can lead to powerful spacecraft rewards, and it is worthwhile pursuing these to the end so you will have access to a legendary alternative out in the expanse of space. Possible ships include:

  • UC Prison Ship – A reward from the Crimson Fleet mission line.
  • Razor Leaf – A reward for completing the Lair of the Mantis main mission.
  • Kepler-S – Complete the Overdesigned quest using the compromise method.
  • Kepler-R – Complete the Overdesigned quest using the teambuilding method.
  • Star Eagle – Finish the Freestar Rangers questline and go with The Hammer Falls ending.
  • Starborn Guardian – Complete all the Constellation Missions and start New Game+.

Now equipped with the vital information on how to get free ships in Starfield, go forth and conquer space. For more help, be sure to read up on how to assign crew to ships and outposts and how to delete Outposts. And for everything else, be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information.

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