How many spaceships can you have in Starfield at one time?
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How Many Ships Can You Have in Starfield? Answered

How many is too many?

When you’re hopping from planet to planet in Bethesda Game Studios’ cosmic RPG, your spaceship is more than just mere transport. After all, not only do you get to chat with your crew aboard your vessel, but you’ll also sleep, eat, and store your valuables there as well. Really, it’s your home away from home as you explore the cosmos. So, if you’re curious as to how many ships you can have in Starfield, here’s the gist.

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What’s the Maximum Limit of Ships You Can Have in Starfield?

The maximum number of ships you can own in Starfield is 10, and you can reach this without having to invest in or upgrade a specific skill. However, if you have hit the limit of 10 ships and you’re lucky enough to unlock another one via a quest, the game will make room for it. So, in theory, you can have up to around 12 at one time.

However, if you reach the maximum limit of 10 ships and you’d like to purchase more, you’ll have to sell one of your spaceships to a Ship Services Technician in order to free up some space.

While you begin your journey with the Frontier, you’ll soon earn more ships through quests. You get the Razorleaf, for example, when you complete the Mantis quest. Each craft offers its own strengths and weaknesses, though as a general rule of thumb, the further into the game that you unlock the ship, the better its stats will be.

How many ships can you have in Starfield?
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda game Studios

When you have multiple ships, you’ll need to make the one that you like the most your “Home Ship,” which marks it as the main ship that you’ll travel in. You can do this at Ship Services Technicians, and these folks can be found in space ports in major cities like New Atlantis on Jemison, Akila City on Akila, Cydonia on Mars, and Neon on Volii Alpha.

Once you unlock a new ship by completing a questline or by purchasing one, you’ll also need to register it with an aforementioned Ship Services Tech as well. This costs you around 4,000 Credits per ship, but it means that the specific ship will be yours forever; until of course, you opt to sell it.

And, that’s everything you need to know about how many ships you can have in Starfield. For more, here’s how to target engines and how to get free ships. Alternatively, feel free to browse our further coverage down below.

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