How Many Artifacts Are There in Starfield Answered
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How Many Artifacts Are There in Starfield? Answered

Like finding a needle in a haystack, and that haystack was thrown into space.

Finding incredibly ancient artifacts is your central goal in Starfield, a scavenger hunt of sorts for the most advanced technology in the universe. Naturally, Constellation aren’t the only ones after the artifacts—the Starborn want them, too. Locating each one is like its own gauntlet, so just exactly how many artifacts are there in Starfield?

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Note: The following guide contains minor spoilers for Starfield. You have been warned.

All Artifacts in Starfield, Answered

In Starfield, there are a total of 24 artifacts. Throughout the game, you’ll come across the following artifacts, all named after a letter of the Greek alphabet:

  1. Artifact Alpha
  2. Artifact Beta
  3. Artifact Chi
  4. Artifact Delta
  5. Artifact Epsilon
  6. Artifact Eta
  7. Artifact Gamma
  8. Artifact Iota
  9. Artifact Kappa
  10. Artifact Lambda
  11. Artifact Mu
  12. Artifact Nu
  13. Artifact Omega
  14. Artifact Omicron
  15. Artifact Phi
  16. Artifact Pi
  17. Artifact Psi
  18. Artifact Rho
  19. Artifact Sigma
  20. Artifact Tau
  21. Artifact Theta
  22. Artifact Upsilon
  23. Artifact Xi
  24. Artifact Zeta

Now, you won’t be tasked with finding all of them. Some were already acquired by Constellation. You’ll collect just a handful, while the remaining artifacts are picked up other ways (we won’t say how, but know the Hunter is involved.)

starborn powers unlocked from artifacts in starfield
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

Not only are the artifacts important for building the Armillary, they’re linked to Starborn Temples. Where there are Starborn Temples, there are Starborn powers.

You can’t just walk up to a temple and collect the power inside, not until you have the artifact that matches the temple. For example, Artifact Alpha allows you to access Temple Alpha. So, get out there and find those artifacts!

Now that you know how many artifacts there are in Starfield, you also get an idea of how many powers there are, too. You’ve got a lot of work cut out for you, but at least you’re aware of the endpoint, right? To ensure your journey goes off without a hitch, make sure find advanced weapons and the best ship while you’re at it.

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