Xbox Game Studios to Start Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveals in July

xbox game studios gameplay reveal

Earlier this morning, the latest Inside Xbox showed off tons of new trailers and gameplay reveals for games coming to Xbox Series X. Xbox Game Studios head, Matt Booty also revealed that we’re going to be getting some Xbox Game Studios gameplay reveals this Summer.

This July, multiple Xbox Game Studios developers are going to reveal gameplay of the projects they’re currently working on. This includes some of the high-profile acquisitions Microsoft has made over recent years such as Double Fine, Ninja Theory and Obsidian.

At this point, Xbox Marketing Manager, Aaron Greenberg, cut in donning a Master Chief mask to remind Booty of one more studio. Along with the previously mentioned studios, 343 will also be showing off gameplay of Halo Infinite this July.

As of right now, we don’t have a definitive date on when these studios will be showing off brand-new gameplay trailers, so we’ll just have to wait until July.

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