Should You Take Mountain Pass or Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)? Answered
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The Baldur’s Gate 3 Community Already Has a Wishlist For Larian Studios

When you wish upon a... gate.

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) has been an unrelenting success since its PC launch, with fans across the world enjoying everything the game has to offer.

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From uncovering incredible easter eggs of Larian Studios’ own CEO, to winning games of hide and seek, there’s a wealth of things for players to do – and that’s just the start of playthroughs expected to be well over 100 hours.

However, no game is flawless and the Baldur’s Gate community has already unveiled things they want to see added, changed or removed from the 2023 title.

BG3 Community Wishlist

One Redditor started the discussion by revealing a couple of changes they’d love to see. Shortly after, hundreds and hundreds of other players flocked in with their two cents.

We’ve picked out the most popular and best suggestions, giving us a great idea of the Baldur’s Gate 3 community’s wish list.

Save Appearances In Character Creation

We’ve already seen a huge number of characters rendered in BG3, whether a unique design or one channeling an existing pop culture character. There’s hours and hours to invest if players choose to but, right now, no way to save an appearance in progress to come back to and tweak later.

OP explained: “I take FOREVER in character creation. My friends don’t deserve that long wait.”

Edit Character’s Appearance In-Game

This one’s a little simpler. Right now, players can’t tweak their character appearance while playing BG3, only before hand in the creation phase. It seems like a probable addition down the line and it’s something the community clearly wants to see.

Manage Players’ Inventories While In Camp

This was the most upvoted response, suggesting there’s huge clamor for it. Right now, BG3 doesn’t let players manage multiple inventories simultaneously, instead requiring companions to leave and rejoin. A simple tweak to this would streamline the whole process.

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Encyclopaedia of Creature Lore

The world of D&D, and therefore BG3, is flush with unique, creative and terrifying monsters of all kinds. Right now, players can encounter them and be given next to know information on the creature they’re up against and how they can counter and use it. One player referred to it as a monster manual. Alliterative awesomeness.

How to Win against Oliver in Hide and Seek in BG3
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Voice Variation

Another fairly simple one: BG3 players want more voice variation depending on the creation they’ve made. Obviously, this is a tricky line for Larian to toe, with character creations so varied that there simply can’t be an apt voice for every single one.

However, as one player pointed out, having a “half-orc barbarian” speaking with a mild-mannered and posh accent seems out of place.

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Color Blind Support

We doubt we need to expand on this. Colorblind folks love to game as much as those with perfect color vision. It’s not a complicated fix and should be implemented down the line.

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What do you think Baldur’s Gate 3 needs? Larian have already stated their commitment to supporting the game post-launch and, with PlayStation and Xbox ports still to come, this community wish list will only expand.

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