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Marvel Snap’s New Competitive Conquest Mode Goes Live Next Week

All for that shiny new avatar frame.

Marvel Snap promo photo Image Source: Second Dinner

We’re finally getting even more new competitive modes in Marvel Snap. Conquest Mode was announced a while back, and the team at Second Dinner finally has a firm release date for it. The new mode will go live in the game on June 13, and you can check out the announcement video made in collaboration with YouTuber ProZD down below:

This is a single-loss, elimination style tournament mode that’s meant only for the most hardcore players. Everyone will be able to participate in the Proving Grounds for free, where they can win a Silver Ticket. This will get them into Silver Quest, where they can win a Gold Ticket, which will get them into Gold Conquest. Finally, winning in Gold Conquest will give them an Infinite Ticket.

Infinite Conquest will only be available in the final week of the season, where players will get to duke it out to get an Infinite avatar frame. Conquest Mode also uses Battle Mode as its framework, where players are locked into a single deck and battle each other through multiple rounds.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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