Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Creates an Earthbound-Esque Island

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We’ve seen Animal Crossing: New Horizons players turn their deserted islands into Hyrule, an obstacle course, a Pac-Man arena, and even Pallet Town from Pokemon Red and Blue, and now, a Japanese fan has turned their island into an Earthbound-esque city that’s based on Onett, the starting town from the Super Nintendo game.

You can see right from the start of the short video that the player is dressed head to toe to resemble Ness –that red ball cap and striped shirt is perfect!

The island has pixelated trees, stop signs, and some other objects that come straight from Earthbound itself. There are also some Undertale easter eggs thrown in the island which might be there because of how Earthbound served as inspiration for the indie RPG.

You can see the video down below or just head to the original tweet itself right here:

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