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Zenless Zone Zero Ghostlord Location – Reina Ghost Quest Guide

Find the mysterious Ghostlord

The Reina Ghost Quest is one of the many short side quests in Zenless Zone Zero. The quest can be confusing similar to some of the other puzzling quests in the game. So, this guide will cover the solution for the Ghostlord location in the Reina Ghost Quest in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Start the Ghostlord Quest

To start the quest, go to the city menu, select Ballet Twins, and then Plaza Walkway. When you arrive there, you will see Reina standing just a few steps away at the side of a building. Approach and talk to her. 

Zenless Zone Zero Reina quest location area character walking
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She will seem to be scared of something; ask her about it, and you will find out that she saw a white ghost when she was standing under a statue. Exhaust all the dialogue options. She will ask you to go and see if the ghost lord is still at the statue and take a picture of the ghost lord if he is there. In return, she promises you a small portion of her next novel.

Zenless Zone Zero speak to reina for ghost lord quest
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Finding the Ghostlord

Once all the dialogues are exhausted, a quest will appear that says, “Take a photo of the Ghostlord atop the statue.” Go to the supposed Ghostlord statue located in Ballet Twins.

You can see an illuminating spherical lamp at the top of the statue. Since you cannot see the Ghostlord from the front of the statue, go to its back, and you will see the Ghostlord sitting at the top right of the statue’s seat. Equip the camera from Quick Menu, and take Ghostlord’s picture.

Zenless Zone Zero Ghost Lord Quest picture of statue
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Following the picture, the Ghostlord will fall to the ground. Approach and talk to him. As you will see, it turns out that he was never a Ghostlord but just an innocent homeless Bangboo. It was all just Reina’s nearsightedness and vivid imagination.

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo apologizing about ghost lord
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Take him back to Reina to explain the truth about the Ghostlord. Talk to Reina and exhaust all the dialogues. This will complete the Reina Ghost Quest.

Ghostlord Quest Rewards

Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with:

  • Inter Knot Credit x 150
  • Polychrome x 10
  • Senior Investigator Log x 2
  • W-Engine Energy Module x 1

That’s all for this guide. Since you are here, you might want to take a look at our other guides on Zenless Zone Zero, which include its tier list and codes. You should also check out our Bangboo tier list and how to complete the Riddler’s Club puzzles.

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