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All Riddler’s Club Puzzle Solutions in Zenless Zone Zero

The Riddler Club has a bunch of puzzles for you to solve

In Zenless Zone Zero, The Seven Puzzler Club is a Riddler’s group that consists of seven members. The club is a bit strange since none of the seven members have ever met each other; they just hold the events in their own way. Let’s start with the first puzzle quest of The Seven Puzzler Club in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Start Riddler’s Club Puzzle in ZZZ

To start the first riddle quest, you need to meet Sam, the president of The Seven Puzzler Club. You can find Sam at Lumina Square just as you enter the coffee shop area. Talk to him and exhaust all the dialogues. First, Sam introduces himself and then tells you the puzzle theme, ‘Scenes at Lumina Square’.

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The riddle is, “It’s silver, beautiful and smooth. Something indescribable created from fate that spins silently – and, who says Lumina Square isn’t the center of the universe?”

Sam will ask you to compete against him to solve the riddle and see who wins. After you exhaust all the dialogues, your schedule will get updated.

How to Solve the First Riddler’s Club Puzzle

To solve the riddle, you need to click the picture of whatever you think is the answer to the puzzle. So, to start this puzzle quest, you need to go to the Main Menu, then go to Inter Knot, then to the morning schedule, and start tracking the Riddler’s Club – Part 1.

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In Lumina Square, you need to go to the Lumina Mall, outside which you will find a silver monument that matches the description. This is the answer to the puzzle since it is silver, smooth, and beautiful. Equip the camera and click the picture. 

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To equip the camera, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate through the Main Menu –> Options –> Input –> Quick Menus Settings.
  2. Add the camera to your quick menu and exit the Main Menu.
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  1. Click the picture by accessing the camera from the Quick Menu and return to Sam with your puzzle answer. You will find Sam in the same spot as before.

Show him the answer to the puzzle. At first, he will be reluctant as it will spoil the puzzle for him, but eventually, he will see your picture. Exhaust all the dialogues, and your first puzzle quest will be completed. 

Rewards for First Puzzle

By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with 

  • Inter Knot Credit x 150
  • Polychrome x 10
  • Senior Investigator Log x 2
  • W-Engine Energy Module x 1

The Seven Puzzler Club will have six more puzzles for you to solve and we’ll update this guide as we find and solve the remaining puzzles.

That’s all we currently know on how to solve the Riddler’s Club Puzzle. Since you are here, you might want to take a look at our other guides on Zenless Zone Zero, which include its Tier List and Codes. Also check out our Bangboo tier list, and how to solve the Reina Ghost Quest.

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