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Yu Gi Oh Duel Links – How to Get New Packs and Cards Fast


Yu Gi Oh Duel Links – How to Get New Packs and Cards Fast

Card Packs – Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

One of the biggest draws of Konami’s newest mobile game Yu Gi Oh Duel Links is that there are quite a number of different cards you can collect. While you are offered a base deck (either Yami’s or Kaiba’s) at the start of the game, eventually you will want to branch out and obtain some new cards. Enter booster packs. These in-game items can be purchased at the shop and will reward users with three random cards from that pack’s specific pool.

In order to see what potential cards you can acquire in a pack, make sure to scroll down and look through the number of cards offered. You can tap on them to bring up a picture, along with their stats and any abilities they might have. These booster packs can only be acquired via Gems, which is a currency that can be obtained by either completing missions, going to the Duel Center, being found in the overworld, or won at the end of matches. It will cost you 50 gems per pack of cards, but there are some fast ways to nab some in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links.

Right away, make sure to check your Yu Gi Oh Duel Links gift box as the developers will often send rewards to their player base for hitting milestones such as “X amount of downloads.” This can be a fast way of getting a lot of gems to buy card packs. Another quick way is by completing the various Duel Quizzes which usually either award a moderate amount of gems or a single card. These are relatively easy challenges and can be a great way to speed up the amount of gems you earn in a day.

You can also get cards by leveling up your hero of choice in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, as they will unlock a variety of special cards with one exceedingly powerful card at level 10. Make sure to stick with one hero until you max them out so you can complete your collection faster and win more duels. It’s important to win as many games as possible as this will allow you to obtain more and more cards. After all, who wants to pay money if you can simply earn these card packs in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links?

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