Who Is Davo Sculdun in Andor? Explained

We explore who the mysterious Davo Sculdun is in Andor.

Who Is Davo Sculdun in Andor? Image Source: Andor ~ Lucasfilm

With three episodes left in Season 1 of Andor, the slow boil is starting to whistle like a tea kettle as tensions and events quicken. On the political side of things, Mon Mothma finds herself in a financial quandary that can alert the Empire to her clandestine activities with the Rebels. Her banker friend Tay Kolma, having anticipated this, suggests a financier who may be able to help; a Chandrillan thug named Davo Sculdun. But who is this mysterious criminal Davo Sculdun in Andor?

Is Davo Sculdun Associated With a Criminal Organization in Andor?

Who Is Davo Sculdun in Andor?
Image Source: Darth Maul #3 ~ Marvel Comics

The brief scene reveals little, but Sculdun is a new Star Wars character and apparently an organized crime boss with deep pockets. He is “the wealthiest thug of them all”, according to Kolma, and when Mothma asks what Sculdun will think of a senator strangely missing 400,000 credits, Kolma responds, “he’ll think you’re just like everyone else he works with.”

Crime bosses and organized crime cartels are not a new concept in Star Wars; the groundwork was laid in A New Hope by mentioning Jabba the Hutt and the crime boss’s appearance in Return of the Jedi. Since then, the concept has expanded vastly in various forms of media.

Who Does Sculdun Work for in Andor?

Andor takes place five years before A New Hope and five years after Solo, so according to current canon, there are at least five major known crime syndicates: the Hutt Clan, Crimson Dawn (presumably still led by Maul), the Black Sun, the Pykes, and the Crymorah Syndicate. Sculdun could be a part of any of these or lead a new syndicate never seen in Star Wars.

There are no solid clues as to what organization, if any, Sculdun works for or leads. Still, the closest lead would be with the Crymorah Syndicate, mentioned in the “Aftermath” novel as being destroyed by the Empire in 0BBY in an undeclared war on the underworld. Events occurring in Andor could lead to this event in the novel.

Either way, Andor is putting the lengths even the more ethical leaders of the Rebellion will have to go on full display. Who knows who else will become embroiled in the burgeoning Rebellion but at least we can give you some idea who Davo Sculdun is.

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