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When is Apex Legends Season 17? Leaks, Content & Season 16 Revelry End Date

Season 17 could send us ballistic.

Apex Legends Season 16, better known as Revelry, changed a huge amount in Respawn’s battle royale. While it was the first season post-launch not to add a new Legend, it introduced huge changes in the form of Legend classes and perks.

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Respawn has already confirmed there’ll be a new Legend with the next seasonal update. Resultantly, players are wondering when Apex Legends Season 17 will come and exactly what content it will bring. Here’s what we know. 

Is There a Release Date for Apex Legends Season 17? 

No, there is no official start date for Apex Legends Season 17.

Respawn do not confirm season start and end dates until much closer to their launch. However, we’re able to hazard pretty accurate guesses based on the preceding season’s start date and the typical length of Apex Legends seasons. Season 16 Revelry began on 14 February 2023 and is expected to last around three months. That takes us to early to mid-May for the launch of Season 17. 

Respawn also tends to favor Tuesdays for their seasonal updates. As a result, the most likely dates right now are Tuesday 9 May, or Tuesday 16 May. 

Those estimates have been echoed by community figures, like leaker ThordanSmash, who has claimed the update is set for Tuesday May 9, 2023.

All Season 17 Content & Leaks So Far

Because we’re still some way off Apex Legends Season 17, there’s not a lot confirmed for the update in terms of content. 

However, unlike Season 16, we know a new Legend will drop with Season 17. Respawn have already confirmed that the previously established formula of one new character per season will return. There’s no confirmation on Season 17’s Legend, but rumors and leaks have uncovered Ballistic, an ‘Apex Arms Dealer’ who could be about to join the fun. 

We also expect the usual tweaks to maps and rotations but, because Broken Moon is still incredibly fresh, a wholly new environment seems unlikely. 

As of right now, then, that’s all there is to say about Season 17, but check back regularly to this page for updates. For more on the game while you wait, you can check out the related content listed below.

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