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Best Starter Abilities in RE: XL

The best abilities for your characters in RE: XL

RE: XL, previously known as Project XL, is a Roblox game that throws players into an anime-themed RPG adventure. It has many abilities to choose from, but picking the perfect one can be hard. This guide will help make your decision-making by laying out all the best starter abilities in RE: XL that will suit different playstyles.

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What Are the Best Starter Abilities in RE: XL?

RE: XL welcomes newcomers with a range of easily obtainable abilities. These might not be the flashiest or strongest, but they offer a solid foundation for beginners to learn the ropes and develop their combat prowess. Here are some highlights:

  • Fire Breath, Blaze, Blazing Knight: These fire-based abilities provide a straightforward offensive option. Master the art of pyrotechnics with flaming attacks and area-of-effect damage.
  • Shock Fist: A basic but reliable electric-based ability that lets you unleash thunderous punches and unleash a disorienting haze.
  • Black Leg Style: Inspired by Sanji from One Piece, this ability focuses on kicking techniques. Learn acrobatic maneuvers and swift kicks to dominate close-quarters combat.
  • Ittoryu: Wado Ichimonji: This sword-wielding style offers a well-rounded moveset, including powerful slashes and fiery techniques.

These are just a few examples. There are several other abilities like Sleep Inducing Gas (for status effects), Voice (for sonic attacks), and Purple Flare (for ranged options). Experiment and find the one that suits your combat style best!

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Best Farming Starter Ability in RE: XL

If your focus is on farming enemies and grinding levels quickly then the Fire Breath, Blaze, Blazing Knight is the best farming starter ability in RE: XL. This is because it has a low cooldown and a wide area of effect, while also sporting some good damage. It allows you to quickly kill multiple enemies in one go and makes farming a lot easier in the early game. Be sure to try and roll for this skill on your new characters!

Best Rare Abilities in RE: XL

As you gain experience and confidence, consider venturing into the more rare abilities. These offer a significant upgrade in power and versatility compared to the starter ones. Here are some notable entries:

  • Determined Defender Goku: Calling all Dragon Ball fans! This ability lets you unleash iconic attacks like Kamehameha and a full-power energy blast volley, while also offering defensive options like shockwaves.
  • Ferocious Saiyan Prince Super Saiyan Vegeta: Embrace the might of Vegeta with this ability. Pummel foes with heavy punches, unleash devastating crashes and meteors and awaken the power of Super Saiyan for an extra boost.

This level of rarity also boasts Devil Fruit abilities like Goro Goro no mi (lightning) and Pika Pika no mi (electricity), offering unique fighting styles based on popular anime tropes.

RE: XL’s tiered ability system empowers you to forge your own path to greatness. Start with a starter ability to hone your skills, then graduate to rarer options for a significant power boost. As you progress, set your sights on the legendary and rare abilities and become an unstoppable force in the world of RE: XL.

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