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How to Get Lucky and Legendary Arrows in RE: XL

Will you get lucky?

Wondering how to get and use Lucky and Legendary Arrows in RE: XL? In this Roblox game akin to Project XL, you partake in a quest to become as strong as possible by spinning for new abilities and defeating grunts littered across the open world. If you want to get really powerful, though, you need to know all about Lucky and Legendary Arrows.

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How to Get Lucky and Legendary Arrows in RE: XL

To get arrow variants in RE: XL, you can buy them from the main store or vendor NPCs. Mostly, they will cost you Robux to buy outright, though if you purchase regular arrows from a storefront or the Shenron NPC, there’s a small chance you can get lucky.

If you’re willing to simply spend real-life money, you can purchase Lucky and Legendary Arrows from the main store in RE: XL. A Lucky Arrow will set you back 599 Robux, and a Legendary Arrow 1,299 Robux.

If you’d rather get them by grinding the game and earning in-game currency, it’s technically possible but much more difficult. There are two NPCs to interact with: Shenron and Fortuneteller Baba. With the latter, you can spend $5,000 of in-game currency on an Arrow. There’s a 1% chance that it’ll be one of these rare arrow variants – but of course, the chances are incredibly slim.

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How to Use Lucky and Legendary Arrows

If you actually manage to get your hands on one of these rare arrows, you’ll have some of the best consumable items in all of RE: XL.

Lucky Arrows are slightly less rare, and as such their utility isn’t quite as significant. When using a Lucky Arrow you’ll get a randomly selected Rare Moveset, completely altering the attacks and passive abilities your character has.

On the other hand, Legendary Arrows provide you with a randomly selected ability, which contains some of the best buffs your character can have in the entire game. Even better, you get these benefits without having to waste currency or throw progression down the drain by using an overall stat reset, meaning there’s really no downside.

That’s all for this guide! For more on the game, be sure to redeem the latest RE: XL codes. Elsewhere on Roblox, we’ve got the Type Soul Trello link and Sell Guns and Prove Da Hood Wrong codes.

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