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How to Level Up Fast in RE: XL

Grind your way to EXP!

Wondering how to level up fast in RE: XL? This re-release of the beloved Roblox game Project XL has taken the platform by storm, meaning plenty of newcomers are diving into the action. If you’re just getting started and want a few tips on leveling up with ease, we’ve got you covered.

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Best Ways to Level Up in RE: XL

Below, we’ll provide you with a few ideal ways to get some extra EXP and level up fast in RE: XL. Since it can be quite a grind in the early few levels, they’ll definitely come in handy!

Fight Enemies

This one is obvious, but the best way to earn EXP straight from the bat is to equip your weapon and get into fighting. From the first spawn you begin with an Iron Katana, which does measly damage but gets an increased Mastery stat the more you use it.

Equip your sword by pressing the 1 key, and then leave the safe zone to start fighting enemies lurking in the fields. These Agni’s Minions aren’t especially strong and attack very slowly. Since your base HP is so low to begin with, you’ll die a lot. It’s only around level 30 that you’ll start killing one in a single life without having to respawn. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to farm enough EXP for that level by just fighting, dying, and repeating the process.

For a slightly easier time, you can head in the opposite direction and attack the training dummies that lurk behind the main spawn. These won’t fight back and grant very generous doses of EXP for each attack.

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Complete Quests

Alongside that, there are plenty of quests to complete in the early phases of RE: XL. The first is given to you by an NPC named Laji. It tasks you with defeating nine of Agni’s Minions dotted around the opening areas. For completing this you get an extra 400 EXP, which is easily a few levels, and 720 Gold.

Other quests across the open world are denoted by a ! symbol, so head towards any of those if you need a new objective to focus on. The next one to do is from a white-haired NPC called Kaji. They ask you to defeat ten Bandits for 240 EXP and 520 Gold.

Also, it’s good to know that all quests in RE: XL are repeatable if you simply head back over to the questgiver and interact with them. This way you can farm EXP or earn the amount of money you need for your next purchase.

Those are a few handy ways to level up fast in RE: XL. Provided you follow our suggestions, you’ll be unstoppable in no time! For more on the game, be sure to redeem the latest RE: XL codes. Also, learn how to get Lucky and Legendary Arrows.

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