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Pokemon Go: How to Hatch Region-Exclusive Pokemon & All Available

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Pokemon Go: How to Hatch Region-Exclusive Pokemon & All Available

The special regional hatching event in Pokemon Go is here until Sept. 23. Unown are no longer appearing in 10km eggs, and now it’s time to see how you can hatch region exclusive pokemon and which ones you can get.

How to Hatch Region-Exclusive Pokemon & All Available

Pokemon Go has many region-exclusive creatures that are locked to specific areas of the world. It’s an expensive game to play if you want to catch em’ all, but this event will help you get some of those exclusive creatures.

How to Hatch Em’ All

Right now, any 7km eggs — those are the yellow ones with pink spots — have a chance of hatching a region-exclusive Pokemon. Gifts are currently the only one way you can get these 7km eggs.

Make sure to leave an open space in your collection of eggs before opening any presents this week. If you don’t have any room for another egg, then you just won’t get one when unboxing your gifts.

Fortunately, during this special Pokemon Go hatching event, incubators are now twice as effective as normal. That means that a normal incubator will hatch a 7km egg in 3.5km and a super incubator will do it in just about 2.3.

Available Pokemon

Sadly, this is just the same as the last 7km region-exclusive event where only the first generation pokemon were included in these eggs. But, if you missed out last time, then here’s your chance.

Right now, Tauros, Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, and Mr. Mime are the region-exclusive Pokemon that you’ll be able to hatch from 7km eggs. Better yet, each one of these hatches has a chance of being the shiny version.

Also, to avoid any confusion about Mr. Mime, no, Mime Jr. will not be available in 7km eggs. Just the regular Mime that everyone knows and loves from Kanto will be available alongside the other region-exclusives.

In short,

  1. Region exclusive Pokemon from Gen 1 will hatch from 7km eggs you get from gifts.

That’s all there is to know about hatching region-exclusives in Pokemon Go and which ones are available. If you want to learn anything else about the game, then check out our Pokemon Go Wiki.

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