Moonglow Bay: How to Solve The Cavern Lever Puzzle (The Squid & the Grotto)

During Chapter 4 of Moonglow Bay, you’ll be given a quest called ‘The Squid and the Grotto.’ In this, you’ll need to make your way inside the cavern to find and take on the large Kraken rumored to be hiding inside. Claude gives you a bit of a vague clue on how to solve the cavern in Moonglow Bay, but if you’re still struggling with the lever puzzle, we’re here to help you out.

First off, return to where you learned ice fishing and then head up the rocks just to the left of it.

moonglow bay squid and the grotto

Head past the research station outpost and keep going northeast until you find a way leading towards a cavern. Here, you’ll eventually find a gateway with ink oozing out of it and three levers to the right.

cavern lever puzzle moonglow bay

This is where Claude’s clues come into play.

Solving the Lever Puzzle in Moonglow Bay

The Lever Puzzle clue we’re given tells us that all three levers add up to 11 clicks, but the middle one is the odd one out and has one less than the other two.

how to solve lever puzzle moonglow bay

What this means is you need to press A on the first and third switches 8 times. Two presses of A on each lever will cause one orange block to appear above it.

As such, you want four orange blocks or ‘clicks’ above the first and third levers, and then three orange blocks/ clicks above the second lever, as this adds up to 11 and the middle lever is then one less than the other two.

moonglow bay lever puzzle solution

Once you’ve done this, press A on the gate and it’ll swing open. Congratulations, you’ve now beaten Moonglow Bay’s lever puzzle, and are ready to take on the Kraken/ Squid.

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