Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to PC? Answered

Per tradition, PC players will have to wait a bit to play the latest FF title.

Image Source: Square Enix Image Source: Square Enix

With the release of the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 today, many players are flocking to their PS5 consoles to dive right in to the game’s open world. However, those on PC may be scratching their heads on when their turn will come to get the experience. If you’re wondering whether Final Fantasy 16 will in fact come to PC, we’ve managed to get those answers as Square Enix developer Naoki Yoshida has provided so far.

Will Final Fantasy 16 Be Playable on PC?

Final Fantasy 16 will there be a PC version of the game
Image Source: Square enix

There will indeed be a PC port for Final Fantasy 16, that is definitively confirmed. Square Enix has been able to bring nearly all of its Final Fantasy titles to PC by now, but when it comes to the more recent, modern installments like FF15, FF7 Remake, and now FF16 that are using newly developed engines, it takes considerably more time to make that transition to a different kind of machine.

Therefore, while there will eventually be a PC version of FF16 to play, it will be awhile longer before players will have the chance to get their hands on it. Per comments from developer Naoki Yoshida (“Yoshi-P”) during the recent FF16 livestream event, they still have some technical issues to work through in order to make sure the PC version is up to optimum standards. Content creator “Genki” provided a translation of Yoshi’s commentary:

“Yoshi-P says they want to make a PC version of FF16 but they want to create an experience with seamless loading, so they didn’t have enough time to optimize for PC. He says when the time comes, they will talk more about it.”

With those issues to resolve, he also further added clarification on the currently projected timeline for the release of the PC version.

“I’ve caused a bit of a stir with my remarks, but I’d like to touch on the PC version…First of all, it is true that Final Fantasy 16 is a six-month limited-time exclusive on the PS5 platform. However, it is a completely different story that the PC version will be released in half a year. I will make it clear, but the PC version will not come out in half a year.”

This means that while FF16 has a 6-month timed exclusive on the PS5 console, there will not be a PC version until Spring 2024 at the very earliest, after that exclusive period expires. As they continue to work on all the adjustments needed for PC, Yoshi-P will undoubtedly provide more updates as the year progresses. In turn, we’ll provide those updates as they become available.

In the mean time, be sure to check our official review of Final Fantasy 16 here.

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