How to Use Egg Coins in Party Animals

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Image Source: Recreate Games
Image Source: Recreate Games

Party Animals is the cutest online brawler on the market right now that not only provides heaps of fun for you all and all your friends, but heaps of different rewards for participating in all different kinds of matches. Of course, you get even more if you manage to be top dog (or cat, goose, otter, etc), and it’s important to know how to use all of them. Egg Coins are an especially coveted currency reward, but it can be a little tricky to know exactly how to get and use them. Without further ado, here is our handy little guide for how to use Egg Coins in Party Animals.

What Are Egg Coins & How to Use Them in Party Animals

Party Animals how to get and use egg coins
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As you dip your fluffy toes into the various modes of Party Animals, you’ll find that there are quite a few ways to earn all of those irresistibly cute and silly rewards, by way of in-game currencies. There are Nemo Bucks, Cookies, and Egg Coins, all which work towards unlocking all of the game’s various cosmetic items. There are at least 200 to start with, and more to come in the future as the developers provide more updates to the Item Shop.

Egg Coins in particular are used exclusively with the gacha-style Surprise Egg Machine, which you can access by going to the Item Shop and pressing the ‘Surprise Eggs’ button on the top right. This will take you to the machine itself, where depending on how many Egg Coins you have, you can slot either 1 or up to 10 Coins at a time. This will pull the crank on the machine and reward you with one of the game’s more exclusive cosmetic items (the ones you get from leveling are typically common-tier).

There are different colored eggs that denote the rarity of the item you’ll receive. By pressing the exclamation mark button on the top right of the screen, you can view the guide for how it works, as well as all of the outfits that are up for grabs categorized by rarity and the probability that they’ll appear.

Party Animals what outfits you can get from the Egg Machine
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Egg Coins can be earned and used in two different ways:

  • As you level up via XP gained from playing matches, every few levels or so you’ll receive an Egg Coin to use as you please.
  • Alternatively, if you have some you can use your Nemo Bucks in exchange for Egg Coins. Simply highlight the button on the Egg Machine, and it’ll show you that it costs 120 x Nemo Bucks per try. This may seem like the easy option, but you’ll still want to save some of those Nemo Bucks for the exclusive items that appear in the Item Shop every week, so watch that wallet.

There is also a neat feature of the Surprise Egg Machine called Sure Egg, which is found in the top right of the screen. If you click on that, you’ll have the chance to increase the odds of getting a certain Legendary-tier cosmetic you want. If it doesn’t drop the first few tries, your Sure Meter will fill up, and when it’s full it will guarantee that the next egg will contain the cosmetic you chose. Once used, the meter will reset to 0 and start the process over.

Party Animals
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

That concludes our guide for how to use Egg Coins in Party Animals. We hope you find this helpful while beating the literal stuffing out of your buddies and having a jolly time. Let us know the best prize you’ve managed to get so far from Egg Coins.

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