how to stealth through ryujin tower in boackground checks quest starfield
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How To Stealth Through Ryujin Tower in Starfield Background Checks Quest

You think you know someone...

You’ve made your way through meetings, subterfuge, and corporate conspiracy while working as an Operator for Ryujin Industries, but in the Background Checks mission, you get to flip the script and do some real work. However, it takes a lot of stealth and quick thinking to get through, so if you need some help, here’s how to sneak through Ryujin Tower in the Background Checks quest.

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But before you can get to sneaking, you’ve got to head to Madame Sauvage’s Place to speak with Nyx, the man hired by Dalton Fiennes to run a check on Ularu Chen’s computer. He’ll try to tell you that you’ve got to pay him or do him a favor before he gives you the Rover program to run, but you can persuade him out of it if you don’t want to pay. You will, however, have to do his favor, which is to run the same file on Camden Cho’s computer.

How Do You Get Into Ryujin Tower?

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As Fiennes told you, you’ll have to get into Ryujin Tower through the vents. To get high enough to access the ventilation system, head out of the bar and make a left. Then, climb the stairs at the end of the alley. They’ll lead you up high enough to get into the vents.

Once you’re inside, you can crouch with B to make sure that you’re making as little noise as possible, and you can see how much the guards are onto you. Head into the vents and follow them through the building, making sure to stay slow and quiet so as not to alert any guards. You’ll get one chance to persuade your way out of being caught, but after that any of the security guards will open fire on you immediately.

Make sure to turn off as many of the floor lights as you can using the panels in the vents so that when you’re out on the floor you’ll blend in and take longer to detect. Using your scanner will make the job much easier as well, because you’ll be able to see the outlines of the guards from farther away. That way, they won’t blend in with their surroundings in the dark.

How Do You Run the Program On the Computers?

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Follow the waypoints through the vents and corridors to get yourself closer to each of the offices, with Cho’s office being the closer and easier target. Ularu’s office is higher up on the Executive Offices level, and it’ll be much better guarded.

Definitely make sure to quicksave every now and again to make sure that you don’t have to go back too far if you get caught. If you do get caught or find a point where you can’t successfully sneak past, you can just run past the guards and back into a vent or other hiding spot. They’ll eventually give up looking for you and go back to their patrols.

At each computer, simply access the computer and run the program. Ularu’s will be in her office that you met her in prior, so you can get there the same way but while avoiding all the guards. Once you’ve done that, you can head up through the vent in her ceiling and leave the building.

After that, you’ll just have to head back to Nyx, have him decrypt the data, and then take that back to Dalton. He’ll set you up with you next task and be on his way, but you’ll be rewarded with a cool 10,000 credits for the efforts.

That wraps up how to sneak through Ryujin Tower in the Background Checks mission. It’s probably the most intensive Ryujin quest so far, so take your time and stay aware. If you need other guides on missions or choices, be sure to check back here at Twinfinite.

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