Viessa talking to Silion to dismantle Modules for Kuiper Shards in the First Descendant
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How to Farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

You'll be swimming in Kuiper Shards in no time at all!

Kuiper Shards are needed to upgrade your Weapon Modules in The First Descendant. While there are various ways to farm for gold and XP, farming for Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant can prove a little tricky. You’ll want to get your hands on as many as possible so that you can upgrade and combine your Modules in a pinch. Thankfully, we’ve gone over the ways to do just that, below.

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BestHow to Farm Kuiper Shards Fast

The best way to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant is to obtain Standard, Rare, and Ultimate Modules by completing Void Intercept Missions, and then dismantling these Modules for Kuiper Shards.

dismantling Modules for Kuiper shards in The First Descendant
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Dismantling Modules is, by far, the fastest way to get Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant. As the amount of Kuiper Chards you get from dismantling is equivalent to how much they are worth, you’ll want to dismantle higher-tier Modules.

The Void Intercept Missions are currently the most reliable way of getting Rare and Ultimate Modules, as these are some of the most difficult missions to complete in the game. However, you’ll want to make sure you have leveled your character sufficiently and are in a reliable squad so you can take these on as a team.

Alternatively, you can always obtain Modules of all types by completing any mission in The First Descendant. When you’ve collected a healthy supply of Modules, it’s time to head back to Albion for your Kuiper Shard haul!

How to Dismantle Modules to Get Kuiper Shards

To dismantle Modules in The First Descendant, you must head to Silicon on the far West side of Albion and select the “Dismantle Modules” option after engaging in dialogue. Then, select the Modules you would like to remove and select the “Dismantle” option to confirm your choice.

Talking to Silion in Albion and selecting the Dismantle Modules option in The First Descendant
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As mentioned, the Modules with higher enhancement levels will give you more Kuiper Shards for dismantling them. Just make sure you double-check not to remove any of your favorite modules before dismantling!

That’s it for how to farm Kuiper Shards in the First Descendant. For more content like this, check out how to farm Caliber in The First Descendant. Alternatively, we also have how to add friends and how to activate cross save here.

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