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How to Farm Gold in The First Descendant

You're gonna need it too.

Gold is The First Descendant’s primary in-game currency. You’ll need it to purchase crucial upgrades and resources, but may often find you don’t have enough. Today, we’re exploring how to farm Gold in The First Descendant.

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Best Ways to Farm Gold in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, Gold can be earned in a wide variety of ways. Simply killing enemies is probably going to be how you collect Gold most of the time since they constantly drop small bits of Gold upon death.

Additionally, selling junk weapons, reactors, and external components will usually net you five to ten thousand pieces of Gold. You’ll also get a few thousand Gold every time from completing The First Descendant’s various missions within each zone, which does add up.

However, that is not the quickest way to earn the hundreds of thousands that you’ll need. The best way to earn lots of Gold in The First Descendant seems to come from running the special operation missions. These missions are typically wave-based and have you do things like defending points from wave after wave of enemies.

These special operation missions have blue and purple tinted icons with a white shield in the middle when exploring each zone. What’s notable is that after you’ve completed certain waves of this mode, you’re given the chance at a random reward.

The special operation defense mission Gold rewards
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These random rewards can be various rare crafting materials, but also lots and lots of Gold, I’m talking hundreds of thousands of Gold. In fact, the highest amount of Gold you can get for getting to the final reward tier of the first defense special operation mission is 700,000. The downside of running these missions is that enemies don’t drop the usual guns and loot as the other missions do. This feels like a fair trade-off since you’re getting so much Gold alongside other important materials.

What To Spend Gold On

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to need a lot of Gold after you visit Anais, the Magister in the hub, Albion. She is where you go to craft new Ultimate weapons, Descendants, and Enhancement materials. Each one of these costs anywhere from 200k to 700k+ Gold. Beyond that, you will also need lots of Gold for enhancing modules. Like, several million Gold just to get one module from rank 1 to rank 10. We hope these tips enhance your Gold grinding experience!

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