A look at the Descendant's Mastery Rank.
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How to Raise Mastery Rank in The First Descendant

It's just like Warframe.

The free-to-play looter-shooter, The First Descendant, has arrived with plenty of unique and powerful weapons to farm and Descendants to craft. Another attribute you must focus on is your Descendant’s Mastery Rank. Continue reading to learn how to raise your Mastery Rank in The First Descendant quickly.

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Best Ways to Farm Mastery Rank XP in The First Descendant

A look at the mission rewards in The First Descendant.
Image Source: Nexon Games via Twinfinite

You can farm Mastery Rank XP in The First Descendant by completing new story missions, increasing weapon proficiency, and leveling up your Descendants.

Some missions provide more Mastery Rank XP than others, letting you prioritize which ones to complete first. The amount of Mastery Rank XP you gain from completing a mission is listed in the ‘Main Reward’, section, so you can always know beforehand what you’re getting into.

Early on, completing new missions is the best way to farm Mastery Rank XP and raise your Mastery Rank. This is primarily because the First Descendant’s loot system works quite similarly to games like Destiny and Diablo, which means your inventory will always be swarming with new weapons and gear pieces.

As you don’t gain access to Ultimate weapons from the get-go, you would need to swap standard weapons frequently with ones that offer higher firepower. This could make increasing weapon proficiency quite a challenge early on in the game.

Likewise, you won’t have access to multiple Descendants early on and can miss out on the Mastery Rank XP you can get from leveling up.

How to Rank up Mastery in The First Descendant

Prime Hands device in The First Descendant.
Image Source: Nexon Games via Twinfinite.

Once you have gained enough XP to raise your Mastery Rank, go to Albion and interact with the Prime Hands device in the room on the left side of the landing spot.

Interact with the Prime Hands to trigger a short cutscene and increase your Mastery Rank in The First Descendant.

At launch, you can raise your Mastery Rank up to 30. Doing so will increase the capacity and slot for Descendant Modules, Weapon Modules, Equipment, Storage, and Consumables.

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