Viessa head shot in The First Descendant.
Image Source: Nexon Games

How to Unlock Ultimate Viessa in The First Descendant

It's not easy.

Viessa is a debuffer in The First Descendant who can deal ice damage to enemies. Ultimate Viessa is a more powerful version of the Descendant who can freeze enemies in place. Continue reading to learn how to unlock the Ultimate Viessa in The First Descendant.

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How to Get Ultimate Viessa in The First Descendant

Viessa's character in The First Descendant.
Image Source: Nexon Games

At the time of writing, we don’t know how to unlock the Ultimate Viessa in The First Descendant. We are currently playing through The First Descendant’s campaign and will update this section with more info soon.

In The First Descendant beta, the standard Viessa was one of the three starting characters. Ultimate Viessa was also part of the latest beta, though unlocking her required a substantial grind that took multiple hours.

Like other Ultimate Descendants, you could unlock Viessa by farming gold Amorphous materials by endlessly running story missions and then using those to run Void Intercepts to gather Viessa’s blueprints.

Upon collecting all of Ultimate Viessa’s blueprints, you had to head back to the Magister Anais to research her materials that cost a whooping 900,000 in-game gold.

As you can see, unlocking Ultimate Viessa in the beta could take plenty of time, and will likely be no different in the full game, especially given its free-to-play nature. As such, as soon as we’ve discovered how to get Ultimate Viessa – or one of The First Descendant’s community has – we’ll update this guide to let you know.

Either way, it’s bound to be a lengthy process that only the most battle-hardened players will complete, so strap in for a long grind.

Until then, be sure to check out how to unlock Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant. We’ve also got a guide to the game’s endgame activities, and our First Descendant tier list of all characters.

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