How to Add Friends in The First Descendant
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How to Add Friends in The First Descendant

Join with all your friendly fellow Descendants.

One of the biggest draws of The Fist Descendant is that it is fully co-op with friends. However, doing so might take a few hoops to jump through. These steps are needed to add your friends to The First Descendant to play together.

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Adding Friends in The First Descendant

Regardless of what platform you are playing The First Descendant on, your normal gamertag will be augmented. If you open your menu during the tutorial section, you’ll see your gamertag is followed by ‘#XXXX.’ This is done so there aren’t any name conflicts caused by cross-play.

You must first complete the tutorial to do anything with your First Descendant name or add friends. Once the tutorial mission ends, you are dropped into the hub world with all the other players. The game will prompt you to open your world map when teaching you the next part. Once on this screen, tab over to Social.

Social Menu
Image Source: NEXON Games via Twinfinite

In the Player Search area, you can click on the Search ID box to enter your friend’s name. This will send them a request they will have to accept, but you will be friends. According to the menu, you can have a maximum of 50 friends in the game.

You can also add friends if they are nearby, as they will show up in the Local Players list. The game doesn’t label these with tooltips, but the two buttons in the top left show you all players, or only players on your platform. If you match up and play with friends before adding them, you can also easily find their names under Recent Players. The only thing the menus don’t say (unless you click on names) is who they are playing between Viessa, Bunny, or Lepic.

Through all of these methods, you should have no problem adding friends in The First Descendant to reach the max. For more on the game, check out our The First Descendant tier list. We’ve also got guides on whether there are codes and how to activate cross save.

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