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How To Make & Exchange Friendship Bracelets in Sims 4 Growing Together

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How To Make & Exchange Friendship Bracelets in Sims 4 Growing Together

Friendship is magic.

Sims now have a new way to show their love for each other with the addition of Friendship Bracelets in the Growing Together expansion pack. There are a variety of friendship bracelets players can create, each in different colors which helps to make them feel personalized to your Sims. While these bracelets will make gameplay for child and teen Sims more realistic, adult Sims can make them as well — and they can be traded with any other age group, making for some cute family moments, which is what Growing Together is all about. If you’d like to boost your Sims’ relationships with friends and family, here’s how to create and trade friendship bracelets in the Sims 4.

How To Craft a Friendship Bracelet in Sims 4

In order to make friendship bracelets, players will first need to have the BFF Super-Duper Friendship Kit in their Sims inventory. This item can be found by searching for it in the build mode. After purchasing the kit for 30 Simoleons, it needs to be placed somewhere in the household to be used. Once placed, simply click on the kit and then press “Craft Friendship Bracelet.”

Make sure to check your inventory to see if your Sim actually crafted the bracelet, as it is possible for them to mess up the bracelet, making them unable to exchange it with anyone. If they weren’t able to properly craft the bracelet, try crafting another one until they’re able to make one.

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Image Source: Electronic Arts via Twinfinite

How To Exchange Friendship Bracelets in Sims 4

To trade bracelets with another Sim, press on the bracelet in your inventory and press “Exchange Friendship Bracelets…” which will bring up a selection of Sims you’re able to trade with.

Friendship bracelets can be exchanged with any Sim as long as the two have a high enough friendship level and bracelets in their inventory. If you would like to exchange a friendship bracelet with a Sim who lives outside of your household, you will have to go into manage worlds and switch to their household in order to craft the bracelet for that Sim. Once both Sims have the bracelets in their inventory, you’re good to go.

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Image Source: Electronic Arts via Twinfinite

After your Sims have traded their bracelets, they will not be able to remove the bracelets, but they will eventually fall off. If you would like to remove the bracelet more quickly, the only way to do this is to demand the bracelet back from the Sim you traded with, but this will then give them a hurt sentiment towards each other.

That’s how you can easily make and exchange friendship bracelets in Sims 4 Growing Together. Other than just friendship bracelets, this new pack brought in so many new ways to build lasting relationships and memories for Sims, such as the Keepsake Boxes that can be passed on for generations. For more content on Sims 4, feel free to check out the related posts below.

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