How to Get to the Cathedral of Manus Metyr in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

How to Get the Beast Claw in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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The Beast Claw is one of the many new weapons you’ll come across during your adventure through the Shadow Realms in Shadow of the Erdtree. These powerful gloves allow you to quickly stack up status effects, most notably Bleed, with a series of devastating punches. Here’s how to the Beast Claw in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

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Where to Find the Beast Claw

To get your hands on the Beast Claw, you’ll need to defeat Logur, The Beast Claw. This bandit stalks the southeast of the Gravesite Plain, which you’ll find at the southern edges of the map.

The easiest way to reach Logur is to head to the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace and head towards the first south of the Church of Consolidation. In the center, you’ll come across him – look for the telltale red name tag of an NPC Invader.

Logur burning in Shadow of the Erdtree
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Logur has a relatively low health bar and is susceptible to staggering, but don’t think that makes taking him down a simple prospect. You’ll need to take an offensive approach, but be careful to manage your stamina. Logur can quickly turn the table on you if you run out of stamina. Use your Ashes of War, and do your best to follow it up with a combo wherever possible.

Logur has one flask, which he’ll drink when his health is low. This can be a blessing in disguise, as you can use this time to replenish your own health – or close the distance for a devastating attack.

The Beast Claw will build stacks of bleed automatically and excels at striking quickly. Consider pairing it with talismans that increase your attack power with successive hits, as these will let you quickly maximize your damage output. Its Ash of War, Savage Claws, lets you launch towards your victim for a flurry of blows. You can upgrade the weapon with Smithing Stones, but it can’t benefit from either spell-based or consumable buffs.

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